Razor’s Edge


Razor’s Edge is one of the most renowned, familiar and Googled Pitbull bloodline in all history. That is, second to only Colby, respectively. No one can mention the blue Pit Bull without throwing out the name “Razor’s Edge.” As a result, this bloodline has become a huge part of the blue Pitbull movement, as it should be.

The Origins of Razor’s Edge

Razor's Edge Pitbull and AmstaffThe origins of Razor’s Edge date back almost 40 years ago to the early 1980’s. David Wilson (the founder of AKC and the originator of the RE bloodline) used traditional “game bred” ADBA APBTs and UKC American Pit Bull Terriers (dual registered in AKC as American Staffordshire Terriers) to perfect the bloodline. The intention was to reduce some of the unwanted Pitbull traits (such as dog aggression and high drive) and create a bulkier dog with a more pleasant temperament, however that still retained the intimidating “Pitbull look.” Hence, the creation of this bloodline has been one of the most monumental steps in the blue Pitbull and Bully Pit Bull movement.

Most Famous RE Pitbulls

RE PitbullThere are several renowned dogs in the Razor’s Edge bloodline. But none more popular and loved that CH Razor’s Edge Purple Rose of Cairo. Cairo is know for not only being the foundation of Dave Wilson’s Razorsedge Kennels, but he is know for being a producer of producers. Cai produced dogs that went on to be the foundation for other kennels yards. Kennels based their entire breeding program off of Cairo’s offspring. Other more popular Razors Edge dogs are actually Cairo’s siblings – Razorsedge Keena Claddaugh and Razor’s Edge Lil Blue Koala.

Razor’s Edge Blue Pitbulls

Almost 40 years have passed and the Razor’s Edge bloodline is still going strong. The most sought after bloodline in all of history is the Razorsedge blue Pitbull. If you ask any Pitbull breeder what bloodlines make up there yard, the majority will agree that Razor’s Edge was a foundation for their breeding program. In addition, there are more modern strains of RE around, so a lot of breeders are outcrossing the classic RE blood with the more modern strains. Hence the RE bloodline will continue to be one of the most renowned bloodlines in history.

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