Price Tag on a Blue Pitbull

Although there are tons of respected and reputable blue Pitbull kennels in the USA and worldwide, there are great variations in the price ranges for puppies. The old time saying “you get what you pay for” is especially relevant with these dogs. While many breeders that have blue Pitbull puppies for sale base their prices on the quality of their productions, other kennels may base their prices on other factors. We will go into these factors a little more in detail below.

How Much Does A Blue Pitbull Cost?

blue pitbull puppies for saleWhile prices vary greatly, buyers are looking at puppies to carry a range of anywhere from $800 to $15,000 for a blue Pit. That’s a pretty broad range. Here are some things to consider when you see these prices. Does the breeder sell these puppies or adults fully vaccinated? How exclusive is this bloodline? Does the breeder health test parents before breeding? How high is the demand for this breeder’s productions? Does this breeder offer an extended health warranty or health guarantee? What size and structure will the puppies have at adulthood? Do the puppies leave with basic training, including leash training and potty training? Are the origins of this bloodline international? Is shipping, ear cropping, and/or microchipping included? Are these puppies purebred and registered with a legitimate registry such as UKC, ABKC, and/or ADBA? Do the parents have show or sporting titles? Do the parents have a record of producing show or sporting champions? Do the breeders offer lifetime support?

How Do I Find Blue Pitbull Puppies?

blue baby pitbull puppiesThere are several very respected and reputable breeders who occasionally have adult blue Pit Bulls and blue Pitbull puppies for sale. When searching for the right puppy, usually the veteran breeders and the more respected breeders will show up on the first 1-3 pages of Google. That is your one of your best options when starting a search for a new puppy. We also have several kennels that we know and respect who specialize in blue Pitbulls listed on our website.